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// so, I kinda lost muse for Christine so I am putting her on a hiatus! I will come back and reblog stuff, but, if you’d
Like to talk to me, you can find me at steel-fxng, cursed-priestess, or the-lonely-half-breed

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From Here to Eternity || closed with dreadingmoonlight

Christine sat in the parlor of her aunt’s home, pale hands folded timidly in her lap as she awaited the arrival of her new ‘tutor’. She was a bit perplexed at the idea of having a tutor, for she was a fully grown woman with all the sense and ideals of an adult and was perfectly capable of teaching herself, but, it would please her Aunt who was set in her ways and allowed no changes to her plans, what was set in stone, was set in stone, no questions asked. Though she would like to know what she was being tutored in. 

She was alone as she waited, her only company being the sound of a ticking clock as the hours passed by, each tick grating on her nerves. She has always been shy around strangers, even as a child she would hide behind the furniture when new guests were present at her home. The idea of a total stranger coming and educating her on ideals that did not matter to her was also a bit annoying to her as well, and a total waste of her time, she was twenty years old for pete’s sake! it wasn’t like she was eighteen years old again and needed assistance with her Entrance Exams. But, she guessed it could help her in life, Mythology would be of assistance to her when preforming Odyssey: The Opera this spring, where she would be playing the role of Cersei for the national opening at Royal Albert Hall. 

Just then, a timid knock broke her silent reverie, as well as the silence of the still house. With a shaking sigh she got up and walked over to the door, taking a few breaths before she turned the lock, and opened the door to reveal a strange looking young man “good afternoon, sir! Are you the tutor that my Aunt sent for?” she asked him, before stepping aside and gesturing for him to come in “may I offer you something before we begin Mr…oh, do forgive me! I never got your name! My name Is Christine Daaé, what’s yours?” She asked, trying to put herself and probably him at ease Oh my! How awkward first meetings were!

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So I can’t believe I have made it this far on this Morgana account. I always deleted when I hit five hundred plus followers on other accounts, but this account seems to have stuck to me, and I’m glad about that because I wouldn’t have met all you wonderful people. I would like to thank those who have stuck by me and spoken to me
There are loads more, but they were there for me to either distract me or speak to me over the last few weeks which have been so hard for me. Thank you so much. I’m sorry if I forgot you. Anyway I need to do something.Here’s a giveaway. Rules— You must be following my blog, those who reblog and are not following me, will not be included. Thats it! You can reblog as many times as you want. This will end the 2nd July 2014.
First prize
Letter through the post from Mun to MunLetter through the post from muse to muse50 graphic icons of your character2 manips of your character/your OTP
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Hey! Can you guys reblog this if you are willing to roleplay some horror or darker themes?

OCs and AU versions are welcome~ Any fandom by the way

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Whoever reblogs gets a mini drawing like this based on their blog starting today

if this post gets too many notes ill probs do a whole bunch when i want to, like do a few a day and send them out to u guys the image will be based on your blog colour scheme like this:


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You are wrong. You are so wrong it’s unbelievable how wrong you are.

me to christine haters (via meggiry)

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and i like it so well that for all i can tell
i may never come down to earth again
- ten minutes ago, rodgers + hammerstein’s cinderella
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Send me a ✺ for my muse’s reaction to yours knocking on their door in the middle of the night.

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Shameless Self-Promo


 ’People will look at the ashes of Westerburg and say, “Now there’s a school that self-destructed, not because society didn’t care, but because the school was society.” Now that’s deep.’

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